Integrate Vacation with your Workflow

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With the normalization of remote work, the traditional boundaries of the office have expanded, ushering in a new era where professionals have the freedom to work from anywhere. This newfound flexibility not only enhances productivity but also promotes a healthier relationship with our professional life, as individuals can tailor their environment to suit their unique needs and preferences.

This corporate shift was one of the driving forces that inspired us to build a place to offer a unique blend of vacation, creative retreat and work. Different from the wellbeing “retreats” our purpose is not to teach you how to disconnect, or to experience a tech detox, on the contrary, our goal is to use all the tools available for the ultimate connection between life-work balance, building a mind-set open and ready for creative solutions. We believe that connectivity is everywhere, the solution for a big work-related issue can come to your mind while hiking, or while contemplating the sea. Sometimes everything you need to overcome a challenge is a stress-free inspiring environment with tools that will help you to achieve a more organic workflow. 

ESC offers daily practices and workshops tailored to support individuals in their creative endeavors, providing a great balance between rejuvenation and professional development. But if all you need is only a comfortable place secluded in beautiful scenery with all the amenities to develop your project on your own, you can also book the studio as your private remote office. 

Start-up founders and product innovators can gather for a week-long entrepreneurial think tank. Daily brainstorming sessions, workshops on business strategy and innovation will help them develop and refine their business ideas.

Aspiring authors can book a week-long retreat to focus on their writing projects. Daily guided writing sessions amidst the scenic beauty will stimulate creativity and provide valuable feedback from fellow writers.

Musicians and Composers seeking focus and inspiration can book a high tech private studio space.

Filmmakers can immerse themselves during a week-long intensive. Whether the projects is still in script, pre-production or post-product, we’ll support you scheduling work sessions along with inspiring activities in nature.

Designers seeking inspiration and professional development will benefit from daily design challenges, mentorship and brainstorming sessions, along with field trips to local culture will expand their creative horizons.

Choreographers can book a week-long intensive focus solely on developing new choreographic works. With spacious studio areas surrounded by nature, they can experiment with movement concepts and collaborate with dancers in a serene environment.

Dance companies and independent artists can reserve extended rehearsal residencies to prepare for upcoming performances or productions. With access to fully-equipped studios and uninterrupted time in the peaceful countryside, they can fine-tune their performances and foster collaboration.

We are also open to hear your ideas. Get in touch!


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